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December 2018, Johannesburg: If any company is going to usher in the age of cloud gaming and game streaming - it’s going to be Google. Google is already a massive part of the gaming industry thanks to its “Google Play” digital distribution service. The app comes preloaded on the vast majority of Android-based phones around the world, allowing many developers to enter the gaming space. The popularity of smartphones in general, and the Android OS specifically, has taken the world by storm, resulting in a new breed of gamer who casually play their games of choice on the go. Games are no longer the sole domain of the hardcore player who spends hours on their PC and consoles. But Google is already planning its next venture in the gaming industry - creating the next significant game streaming service. According to sources at Kotaku, Google plans on taking a three-pronged approach to this venture, which has been code named “Google Yeti”: Electronic Arts is an industry giant that recently hopped aboard the cloud gaming trend. Hoping to get in on the action, EA recently acquired the Israel-based company Gamefly. This allows you to stream games via its cloud gaming platform, which can be run through select smart TV’s, opening up its users to various video games and high-quality titles.

EA had the following to say about the acquisition and cloud gaming in a recent press statement: “Cloud gaming opens up new possibilities to expand the reach of games by streaming high-quality entertainment to more players, on more devices, in more geographic regions of the world.” “With this acquisition, EA is adding to its strategic focus on advanced technologies that will give players more freedom to access the games they want, and enable the delivery of next-generation experiences at scale.” Reassuring its more traditional, and the majority, of their customer base, EA stated that games will still be released in the classical physical style for the foreseeable future. However, they do see a time in the future where hit titles could be solely streamed through a subscription-based service.

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