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In Game Marketing Strategy Explained

December 2018, Johannesburg: An in-game marketing plan is based on the level of commitment a business or brand is prepared to dedicate towards gamers and in game brand placement. Securing paid ad space in new games is pretty simple for the most part, it is designing and developing original games and the hosting of those games which is far more complicated. It is vital that you evaluate your goals and resources before deciding on your “game plan”, so to speak.

The most important step in an in game marketing plan is to match the right product and the right game, or visa versa. Gamers are found across all demographics, it is the titles that gamers choose to play that various drastically, it is the story that sets gamers and the games they play aside. Young males tend to prefer action and sports games, girls and women like fantasy roleplay games, and families tend to gravitate toward puzzle or adventure games.

It would definitely not be considered a good move to place an in game ad for sports sneakers into a version of the more low key Scrabble. Targeting s so important, especially when you are putting your money behind it. In-game marketers must research the customers most likely to buy their products and then find out what games they are most likely to play.

So, how does it work if you want to create game for your brand from the ground up. One would need to work closely with designers and developers to translate products, services, and brand messages into interactive gaming experiences. The idea is to create a balance between marketing messages, the game play, and the storyline. If the game turns out looking like a blatant advertisement it will turn potential plays off as soon as they switch the game on.

Ads placed in online games usually link to pages where the consumer can purchase products or find out more information. The landing pages that users link to must reflect the games that they have linked from. Online retailers have to design dedicated web pages that can handle the new traffic they generate. Landing pages also allow marketers to track all activity generated by the link URL. They will then analyze the data and determine whether the ad was a success or not.

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