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Impact of Gamification on Marketing

November 2018: Gamification is on a fast track into the future, and its not showing any sign of slowing down. If anything, the integration of gamification into marketing efforts is gaining traction and more attention than ever before. Gamification is the process whereby you take the essence of what making gaming both irresistible and fascinating then integrating them into non game experiences. Gamification is the act of applying game design principles and elements non game concepts. The concept integrates big data relevant to your marketing metrics, objectives, and ROI. It can be applied on many products, services, or at any stage of the customer journey.

What’s the impact of gamification on your marketing strategy? When brands innovate, the impression made is one of a forward thinking business with eyes on the future, this will positively impact the virality of your gamification focused and holistically integrated campaign. This approach stimulates engagement in the online space, pushes word of mouth, and encourages conversations with your customers. This results in your audience staying motivated for longer periods of time and keeps them engaged with your content.

Review your current marketing strategy and establish what could use the boost that gamification offers. Take into consideration your goals and objectives while focusing on increasing traffic and engagement with your brand. It is absolutely vital to keep your target audience in mind and pay close attention to what it is that they want. For example, all game do not appeal to all audiences, what appeals to a younger audience will not necessarily appeal to an older audience. Ask yourself what will work for them and what is going to appeal to them the most.

Take it one step at a time, grow into the the technology, don’t go overboard. Start with a simple game and test your audience, measure results, and consider the user experience. Offer players an experience, give them challenges, incorporate quizzes, and incorporate various rewards. Most of all, make sure you focus on the element of fun. Regardless of your industry or your business making experiences as fun as possible is the key to successful gamification campaigns.