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The Favourites in Food Tech

Food never goes out of fashion and the tech that drives it is developing at a rapid rate. As the world moves through the technological age the business of food tech moves with it. With so many considerations from the environment to digitally powered concepts the food arena is alive with innovation and there a few favourites that are taking the lead.

The Age of Altera-Products: We are becoming more aware of how our eating habits are affecting the environment. With growing concerns around how our consumption of dairy and meat impact the planet, farm-to-table has become a big thing alongside the birth of alterna-products. What are alterna-products? They are alternative products such as pea based burger patties, plant based shrimp, veggie bangers, coconut milk ice cream, almond milk, and many more. These products are no less tasty and are made from quality plant based alternatives. With accelerators and incubators investing in the altera-product space the industry is about to boom. It is bound to make our food both better for the environment and more affordable.

Virtual Pop Up Restaurants: Food delivery services the likes of UberEATS have inspired real world restaurants to launch virtual pop experiences. These modern day data driven digital food delivery pop up concepts experiment with new fusion cuisines and menu items without added costs to establishments while offering foodies the best taste sensations.

The Instagrammification of Food: Instagram has taken the concept of plating food the the next level, both in restaurants and at home. It is no longer enough for the meals we order and prepare at home to just be tasty. The need for art on a plate is becoming more prevalent. Sharing chef kitchen and home cooked creations with friends, followers, and fans through the instagrammification of food is being seen everywhere. Look out for vibrant colours, vertical desserts, smoking cocktails, and sensory food experiences such as edible lace and chocolate gravel that take gastronomy to a whole new level.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Food: Robotic chefs are being installed in high tech homes and flipping burgers at the local drive through. Robots and artificial intelligence will soon become more mainstream throughout the food world. Hold onto your chef hats and aprons because the future of technology in food is developing fast. From farming to the reduction of food waste, food delivery to the food aisles at your local supermarket the future of AI in the industry is on its way to becoming far more high tech than ever before. Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride.

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