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Smart City Tech in Africa

South Africa, falling into the Africa and the Middle East region, is on the road to creating Smart Cities. This will take the country to the next level when it comes to development. South Africa is ready and pushing to meet the might of its international counterparts with the introduction of smart technologies which support city infrastructure and growth in a sustainable fashion.

To start with we need to understand what smart cities are. Smart cities are urban areas that use electronic data collection sensors that collect and supply information which is in turn is used to manage city assets and resources more effectively and efficiently. Citing research by the International Data Corporation (IDC), Africa Business Communities reported that the spending on smart technology which enables and supports smart city initiatives is forecast to reach as much as $1.26 billion for Africa and the Middle East in 2018.

Early success stories are starting to emerge and the positive impact clearly seen with innovation and smart city concepts being widely discussed and adopted across the region. Africa and the Middle East is entering an exceptionally exciting phase with more and more countries joining the smart city journey, which can be clearly seen through wider adoption and increased growth. The majority of greenfield developments are now incorporating smart technologies by default and the nations in this region are coming together with a common vision around the Smart City concept.

Strategic development and priorities in Africa and the Middle East will see spending in 2018 allocated to sustainable city planning, administration, and intelligent transportation. Smart City platforms, inspections, licensing, digital permitting, intelligent transit and traffic are all on the horizon and it will show as the largest use cases with regards to Smart City spending throughout 2018. These followed by smart kiosks, fixed visual surveillance, and in-car camera systems which are bound to make this region truly Smart City great.