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Technology in Fashion & Textiles

The fashion industry has become the second largest contributor to pollution, only after oil, as a result of the industry’s day to day operations becoming more involved and complex. This applies to the sourcing of raw materials, textile manufacturing, clothing construction, shipping, retail elements, marketing, end use, and ultimately disposal. The way in which clothes and accessories are made and innovation around these areas have not kept up with the pace at which they are designed, manufactured, marketed, and sold.

It is only very recently that the industry has shifted its focus to becoming more technology and sustainability driven. We have moved away from the primal immediate gratification mindset to taking the time to understand where what we wear actually comes from, what it took to get it into the store and then home to your wardrobe. The demand for sustainable tech fashion is becoming more and more prevalent and through this the industry is now being pushed by the consumer to source and introduce the technology required to meet those demands.

Innovation and developments in textile creation and the recycling process play a key role in a more sustainable and tech advanced future of fashion. We’re entering an age in fashion where we are introducing a new generation of textiles with the likes of bioengineered fabrics that are less damaging to the world around us. This new wave of textiles offers value while reducing the impact on the environment which is caused directly by the fashion industry and the consumer market.

Aside from environmental impact the fashion industry is speaking to the consumers needs by incorporating technology into fashion. Wearable high fashion tech is no longer on the horizon, it has arrived. Inventions that come with this school of thought include elastic textile display linked to cloud technology, solar power fashion such as bags that charge your phone, and 3D printed fashion. The future is bright for fashion technology as we move forward into a tech driven world.