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msdyn365bc - Developer Background Learning Essentials

In today's fast paced world of digital transformation many developers and consultants find themselves a bit overwhelmed with all the learning content out there. The Microsoft Learning portal is a great tool for learning all about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, however you may find that there are just some topics not covered and you wish you knew more about.

I've put a list of my favourite PluralSight courses that I've found to supplement your Dynamics 365 Business Central development journey. Although these courses don't make use of Business Central, the subject matter will make you a super star and jump start you to the next level.

1. Microsoft Azure: The Big Picture

This course gives a great overview on many of the components of Microsoft Azure. You'll know what they are and how it fits in the big picture of things.

2. Microsoft Azure for Developers: What to Use When

This will give you insight into many of the different Microsoft Azure technologies. You'll be able to make an informed decision on when to use a resource.

3. Git Fundamentals

This will give you fundamental knowledge on how to take control of your source code, manage branches and so much more.

4. Getting Started with Docker

So much technology is containerized these days. This course will give you essential incite to Docker technology and how it works.

5. PowerShell: Getting Started

Getting to know PowerShell will empower you to take your administration activities to the next level.

6. Azure Functions Fundamentals

This course will give you the knowledge you need to not only write an azure function, also to test it with postman.

7. PRINCE2 - Introducing the Value and Fundamentals

This one is a personal favourite. In today's world you'll develop with people who have other skill sets. This course gives a great communication framework, so that everyone speaks the same language after which it is easier to apply other methodologies like agile or scrum.

8. Line of Business (LOB) with PowerApps and Flow

Learn how to develop solutions with PowerApps and Flow. You'll be able to take your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central customer experiences to the next level.

In Summary

There is so much content out there and I could probably go on for a while with this list, however I do feel these courses will give you a great entry into other technologies coming from a NAV background.

In the age of Dynamics 365 Business Central you're going find yourself one day making PowerApps, the next writing an extension for Dynamics 365 for Sales, or creating a new dashboard using PowerBI.

Taking time to learn not only empowers you, but will also give your customers a sense that they too can have it all when something is marketed to them :)