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Tech Driving The Gaming Industry

There are few industries that are as influenced by technological advances and innovative developments as the gaming industry. Today’s games are becoming more life like, engaging, and absorbing gripping players harder than ever before. The developments in the gaming sphere go beyond breaking barriers along the way when it comes to graphics, sound, story, and general gaming experience. So, how is technology driving the gaming industry right now?

1. Virtual Reality Is The Number One Big Thing

It wasn't that long ago that through film, books, art, and music the human imagination captured the concept of virtual reality. Today that big idea is in itself a reality. Although it is now a massive buzz word that seems to be settling as we slowly bring the technology into our homes and businesses, it is predicted to continue impacting the gaming industry in leaps and bounds. It was recently reported that The Disney Research team have developed a virtual reality jacket made to simulate a range of game related sensations. There is talk of VR playing a role in areas such as therapy, surgery, education, fashion, and sports. The possibilities are endless.

2. Decentralised Gaming Platforms As The Next Big Thing Decentralised platforms is a seriously hot topic right now. Decentralised platforms use blockchain technology introducing peer to peer focused on a many aspects of daily life. The energy, education, and travel industries are all already tapping into this technology and gaming isn't being left behind has the next big thing begins to pick up momentum. Gaming platforms that are starting to harness the wonder of decentralisation include Flux and Bountie and can certainly expect more to follow suit in the very near future as entrepreneurs and developers continue to discover new ways of merging the latest tech with gaming concepts.