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Space Tech Improving Life

Space has long captured the imagination of the human race and the everyday man. We are seldom aware of how space exploration has impacted our daily lives on Earth. The Space Foundation has a key focus of supporting and celebrating space technology that is essentially developed to be used in space and then successfully adapted for use on Earth. We live in a world where space tech is present in just about every aspect of life on Earth from healthcare and the medical industry to telecommunications, travel, and entertainment; all of which were initially developed for the purpose of space exploration.

The Space Foundation together with global partners has established the Space Technology Hall of Fame® with the objective of increasing the public appreciation of the practical benefits of space exploration and to go into the future encouraging further innovation in the field. Through programs such as these the Space Foundation supports the efforts of international space agencies in cooperation with various corporate partners to leverage off the knowledge gained in space exploration and in turn introducing the findings and technology into everyday life here on Earth. It is a celebration of invention, innovation, and space exploration that affects daily life.

The Space Technology Hall of Fame® is now in its 32nd year of paying tribute to and giving well deserved recognition to those individuals and organisations who have successfully adapted technology initially developed for and used in space into products and services that have improved our lives on Earth. The Space Foundation have recognised and inducted over 80 technologies into the Space Technology Hall of Fame® alongside countless organisations and individuals who have revolutionised space technology and thereby improved the quality of life on Earth for all humanity. It is recognition of those giant leaps for mankind.