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Mainstreaming Augmented Reality

The smartphone came to market a decade ago. People today spend more time on their phones than ever before. Technology is forever changing and at a faster rate than in previous years. Tech leaders are predicting that as of 2018 huge innovation will fall into place and change the way we interact with smartphone technology and the world around us. The release of the mobile game Pokémon Go brought with it a billion dollar demand for AR and virtual entertainment. Big brands the world over stood up and took notice.

With the introduction of affordable augmented reality glasses smartphones stay in our bags and pockets. HUD is the same thing that fighter pilots use to monitor their aircraft and the world around them on their windshield and visors. HUD (Heads Up Display) will change and improve the way we shop, work, and play. HUD will become the norm for consumers creating a fully interaction shopping experience including the likes of store signs that automatically translate to a specific language when shoppers wear the latest augmented reality glasses.

AR will bring with it incredible opportunities customising for in store experience by displaying exceptional virtual inventories to rival any online shopping sites. Brands and merchants are bound to create augmented reality shopping experiences using packaging where demonstrational and promotional videos tell stories about the product you are looking at on the shelf. Celebrity ambassadors and influencers will advocate and advertise merchandise in the aisles. Virtual pop up stores will be built using AR technology where crowds gather such as subways, stations, street corners, clubs, and stadiums. The salesperson helping you select your new ride will be able to change the colour, model, and features of the car on the showroom floor with a wave of a hand.

What this shows us is that with the creation and innovation around augmented reality the possibilities are literally endless. Prepare for a whole new world with AR.