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Touch Free Technology

Most tech relies on physical interaction in order to work. The user interface is key to our experience with tech gadgets. This is on the verge of change as 2018 brings with it a focus on the transition to the touchless interface. The world as we know it is changing at a rapid rate. The touchless interface is about to take us beyond the tap and swipe interfaces that we use today.

Our virtual assistants from Alexa to Siri have already begun to teach us that we no longer need to fully rely on our mobile devices and laptops to get what we need from today’s weather to the music we love to listen to. The time will come (sooner than we think) where we will, for example, pick up an empty bottle of coke or jar of jam and simply say “Alexa, order this to be delivered to my home address on Saturday morning before 11:00 am.” The idea is that your virtual assistant will soon have the software and interface to know exactly what you are holding and looking at.

Other features will include the likes of customised responses based on who is asking the questions whether it is yourself, your partner, your kids, or your domestic. The same can apply within the work environment where touchless interfaces will be customised accordingly to the receptionist, your PA, your HR manager, or your sales assistant.

In addition, touchless screens are more durable and less prone to damage than the touchscreens we have become so used to. The result of this is that we will find ourselves needing less repairs, maintenance, or replacements of the devices we use. So, not only does touchless interfaces add an element of convenience to your life but essentially the costs are far less in the long run.

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