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Five Gaming Trends To Watch

April 2018: Life without technology is becoming increasing more difficult to imagine. It is hard to remember a time without mobile phones and computers. There are two generations alive today that have been born into a world where that was never their reality. Technology continually shows how it improves our lives and provides incredible solutions that deliver real results and fully interactive experiences. Gaming is an awesome distraction from everyday life and is enjoyed by all ages from children and teens, to young and old adults alike.

Gaming has become somewhat of an entertainment essential where amazing developments in digital technology enhance the user experience. Gaming technology continues to amaze gamers who are after more thrills, excitement, adventures, and innovative tech in their play. This year is going to bring with it some of the most exciting gaming advances.

1. Avatars at Face Value: Facial recognition gaming technology has entered the arena. With human face recognition combined with 3D scanning gamers are now able to recreate themselves in live video games. Your facial expressions are digital transferred from the real world to the virtual world allowing you to be submerged in the gaming experience by fighting as yourself in real time. 2. Gesture-Controlled Interactions: At the end of the day what it comes down to is that the gaming experience needs to be as epic as possible. Today’s gaming technology is capable of interacting with gamer hand gestures. Mapping 24 points of your hand, 3D camera technology in first person shooter games allows the gamer to interact with the game using hand gestures.

3. Mobile Gaming Culture: The invention of the smartphone has taken gaming from big screen TVs, laptops, and computers to handheld devices. Mobile has taken gamers out of their bedrooms and living rooms into the world with the freedom to play wherever they are. Combine mobile with virtual reality and what you get is gaming on the go. 4. A Whole New Virtual Reality: Prepare for a whole new world. The days of watching movies about virtual reality are gone. I will say it again… the future has arrived. VR game developers and submersive experience experts are now only scratching the surface of what is possible with this incredible technology. The first VR game consoles are being prepared for market and following which we’ll soon see how substantial advances will be made in VR technology. 5. Next Level Augmented Reality: This VR sibling keeps gamers locked into their own worlds and engaging with their own unique gaming experience. AR is the best companion for VR for gamers who don’t find the all virtual experience appealing. AR requires the gamer to leave the TV or computer screen in order to participate in the gaming experience. AR offers gamers an experience where the boundaries of the real world and the virtual world become one.

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