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The Demand for Digital Talent

April 2018: There’s been a shift in the demand for digital talent from general computer operations through to the need for a multitude of skills including information and data integration to analytics and using digital platforms to make calculated marketing decisions that increase return on investment alongside exposure around your brand and business.

The trick is finding talent that is truly good at what they do, and honestly, it is not as easy as it sounds. These guys are pretty scarce. There is more to it than creating a post on a laptop and sending it to a Facebook page which has little traction in the online space. Businesses are ready to snatch up talent that understands the value of digital and have the skills to assist in the transition to common digital platforms while driving change in the digital space.

Companies are starting to leverage off team based distributed workplace platforms that use intelligent automation, natural language process and machine learning technology to drive productivity within their business. We are seeing a rise innovative ways of accessing digital talent and are changing the ways in which they acquire new talent. Businesses are growing their talent pool by focusing on getting the right people on board.

Companies are engaging with just-in-time talent on crowdsourcing platforms. Business owners are adopting the concept of BYOT (Bring Your Own Team) and hiring entire teams at once. In addition, they are using incubators to create and sponsor startups and looking to strategic acquihires to buy entire companies for their in house talent.

Digital transformation is fast becoming the future. A business’s ability to grow and adapt in the business world today means having to close the digital talent gap, then it is all about having the resources to follow through and flourish. In order to thrive in a fast paced business arena and to be competitive in that world business leaders need to address their key capabilities including digital marketing, online advertising, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, search engine optimisation, mobile, and analytics. Those businesses not marrying innovations and digital transformation with superior talent in these fields will be left behind.