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The Motherboard of Jewellery

April 2018: Ashley Heather is based in the trendy center of Woodstock in Cape Town. She is undoubtedly a revolutionary and unique jeweller creating designer pieces from precious metals reclaimed from circuit boards by a small scale refinery in South Africa. From the manufacturing process through to the packaging Ashley Heather puts the most sustainable measures possible in place and continues to innovate in order to move forward without sacrificing her superior craftsmanship. Putting these practices into action equates to seriously unmatched skill and talent.

Ashley Heather is where incredible art meets saving the world one little piece of precious metal at a time. Ashley Heather is focused on the concept of urban mining from information technology to make an create unique jewellery from precious metals. Circuit boards contain silver and gold which is known for its excellent electrical conductivity properties. In the US alone $60 million worth of gold and silver from mobile phones is dumped every year.

The Ashley Heather precious metal refining process begins with the dismantling of electronic waste. The individual components are separated and sent for recycling. The circuit boards are run through an industrial shredder and then put into a fiery hot furnace where the metals melt down and are then collected. The metals are separated and purified before once again being melted down to ensure the highest quality materials.

Ashley Heather has embarked on the journey of sharing in her knowledge with crafting workshops hosted in her dream space on Albert Road in Woodstock. It is the perfect opportunity to revel in your creativity and create a personal piece of jewellery from recycled silver. The design of the ring is entirely up to the student who is mentored every step of the way in the process of making a one of a kind artwork to be worn and adored. Pieces are first carved in jewellery wax and then professionally cast before posting the silver artwork back to its maker three weeks later.

Every piece in the Ashley Heather collection is produced with the pure passion of expert hands alongside the wish that the wearer finds as much joy in them as what was found in the process of creating them. Every piece of jewellery is handcrafted using quality recycle materials worked using age old silver and goldsmithing techniques fused with incredible contemporary designs.

“I have always been inspired by both the majesty and understated beauty of this fragile blue green planet of ours. I believe in creating. I believe in quality. I believe in honesty to materials. I believe in doing things differently. I believe companies can do more, be more.” Ashley Heather