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Dynamics NAV and Azure DevTest Lab

Having your development environment stored in Azure is great. But you may experience the cost of having your virtual machines up and running in non-working hours to be a bit of a pain on your wallet. I’ve often found that it is easy to spin up a new NAV instance, but over time your azure portal can become cluttered and stale. There must be a better way.

Fortunately, Microsoft Azure has a little hidden gem called “DevTest Labs” that you can use to ensure that Azure works when you work.

Please check out this amazing link:

From a Dynamics NAV point of view, this tool allows you to store all your customer development, test, training and demo environments in one place that can be shared to other users.

Just as digital transformation is important for customers, also being able to transform your NAV development and test environments in a manner that is cost affective is just as important.