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Why Your Business Needs WIFI

WiFi has become so entwined in our day to day lives both at work and at home. It has become difficult to imagine a day without it. One thing is certain, the majority of businesses in today’s world would not function as effectively without it. If, in your personal life, a normal day without WiFi doesn't seem right, then why should your business go without it? The future is now.

The cloud makes it easier to manage your business from anywhere in the world where there is WiFi access and directly contributes organically to increasing productivity. Cloud based applications require no equipment or installation time. They automatically and securely backup your data and files saving time and hard drive space while virtually eliminating the need to email documents back and forth. Internal and external projects and communications are managed more effectively and efficiently when businesses introduce the cloud to their operations.

Google Drive is a powerful cloud application that allows for real time collaboration on projects where colleagues and partners can work on the same document at the same time with the option of chatting live. Google Docs offers a range of options including Google Sheets which is compatible with Excel, Google Docs is compatible with Word, and Google Slides is compatible with Powerpoint. Google Forms allows you to create internal and external questionnaires and surveys that collect data in a simple Google Sheet. Better still all of this is managed the the same Google (Gmail) account linked to your Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Webmaster Tools, YouTube, and Google +. A little Google can go a really long way.

Customers are increasingly expecting access to WiFi wherever they go. Customers are more likely to choose a business with WiFi over a competitor that does not offer access. Offering free WiFi gives you a distinct advantage over competitors who don’t. Customers no longer view WiFi access as a an added extra at the businesses they patronize; they see it as expects and standard customer service, even more so when it comes to the hospitality industry.

Not having WiFi access can be a real dealbreaker when customers are looking for and choosing the right hotel, Airbnb, or establishment to visit. For while-you-wait service providers such as auto mechanics and printers or by-appointment businesses like doctor’s, salons, and legal practices, WiFi can help leave a great impression and wait times go by more quickly. Put up a sign to let customers know you offer WiFi and that they can request a password for access. Customer WiFi offers your company branding and marketing opportunities. WiFi allows customers to do product research in-store making more informed purchasing decisions. Set up a branded customer portal for news and loyalty rewards. In-store wireless internet access helps you connect with your customers through the engagement with your offering and brand. An app providing customers with benefits like a map to products they’re interested in, location-based coupons, and specials will help give customers a personal and meaningful experience.