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The Digital Dating Revolution

Online dating has come a long way since the days of the online dating trailblazer of the mid nineties, Easy to setup apps like Tinder with it’s simple swipe approach have taken digital dating to a whole new level. Two years after launching in 2012, piggybacked by the popularity of smartphones, Tinder was registering over a billion swipes a day.

Turning swipes into actual dates can be difficult though taking into consideration that men and women use the app for different reasons. Some women feel that they spend so much time chatting to guys via the Tinder app when they often don’t even want to grab a drink or a cup of coffee. They feel that there are countless chancers and time wasters on the platform that seem to have nothing better to do than waste a woman’s time. Despite such frustrations digital dating continues to grow in popularity while the innovation in technology fuels the fire.

App research firm App Annie announced that in 2017 dating apps made three of the top 10 apps in the United Kingdom while it accounted for six of the top 10 apps in France. There's a lot of money here and it's a lot more competitive now," says Paul Barnes, a director at App Annie "so app makers really have to understand their users very well, and find ways to keep them engaged."

Preceding online dating services required new members to fill in extensive questionnaires and profile details in order to find a match from the related data. Now algorithms can pull up a match based on as little as 400 words from your Twitter account. Daigo Smith, co-founder of LoveFlutter, says the digital dating giant teamed up with Toronto-based natural language processing firm Receptiviti to find fresh approaches to matching potential couples. The coworking pair will start putting their findings into action during the course of 2018. Paris-based dating app happn used a different data-based approach using your smartphone's location to find a potential partner. The app tracks and analyses where you have been during the course of your day and showing who passed within 250 metres of you. According to happn's head of trends, Claire Certian, people who are in the same vicinity are more likely to meet. She says that it really is impossible to predict how a date is going to work out. Whether or not it is going to be a good match is a true mystery when you consider the role that chemistry has to play.

Black Mirror is the hit sci-fi series with a focus on futuristic technology that doesn't exist… yet. If we take inspiration from the December 2017 episode the future comes with computer programs which choose who you date, certain predetermined factors like what you eat on your first date, and how long your relationship will last. However, innovation in digital dating technology in today’s world has already massively changed the face of romance and the dating world.

Experts believe that the next big thing in digital dating will be along the lines and to the likes of virtual and augmented reality. And the idea’s keep streaming in. Some concepts include scanning people in public spaces such as nightclubs, shopping malls, beaches, bars, and restaurants to view their dating profile and making an instant decision while in the same room.

There is undoubtedly a digital dating revolution underway. Online matching and attempting to find love or sex in the digital space is here to stay and the further we go down that rabbit hole the more we find that people are fully embracing new technologies as they emerge. The fact remains though that when it comes to love, there simply are no guarantees.

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