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Internet of things pt 3 of 3

In the previous articles (click here)(click here) we had a look into the working of the term IoT and how it can and most probably change our lives in the near future. With the current generation leaving the workforce in the next decade and the new generation entering that has grown up in technology age, corporations will need to adapt to this to attract the new and upcoming wave of innovation.

Whether we like it or not the IoT is going to be a part of our lives and either you are going to reject it and try and go along as you have for most of your life or you will be finding ways to use these applications and learn how to make your life and work more streamline and easier.

All I can say is that those who benefit from this the most are going jump in now and help corner the market with these applications... Are you ready? Are you scared? Do not worry for there will be many people helping you along this journey and try make it as simple and seamless as possible.

During the IoT articles we saw that companies have started connecting a number of items to the internet to talk to each other and now they are trying to get cars to drive, park and even brake for us? I can see both sides of the coin in this regard, on the one hand it is a great safety feature seeing as almost every week you here about cyclist or pedestrians being run over and this could certainly help prevent this sort of thing from happening, however on the other side should we really allow our cars to handle themselves for us? If we look at this and for some reason you don't react or see the person and neither does the car who is at fault? Should we question this or should we embrace the new era of technology and accept that eventually we are heading towards something like i-Robot?

Personally, I do not think I can comfortable for a care to drive me around without my control, maybe that is just because I am a control freak and do not like my wife even driving me. With all this in mind it will once again be divided by those who are willing to jump in and those that are more comfortable waiting for others to lead the way. Which one will you be?