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The internet of things pt 2 of 3

This article is now going to delve deeper into the previous article (click here). With the upgrade in internet speeds at home we have now days we are now looking at making our lives easier by connecting devices via Wi-Fi such as doorbells, cars, thermostats and even health monitors.

So why do all of this? Well we are looking at integrating our everyday mundane items to start communicating with each other and us. There are even cases of people that have been wearing health monitors on their wrist that is connected to the medical response teams that were alerted they were having a heart attack before they even knew and were able to respond quick enough so they survived.

The top applications as reported by Forbes Magazine are the following. Predictive maintenance, this is simply alerting you to maintenance that will be required and monitoring the performance of your vehicle. Next is optimising production and this for those that have large assembly lines and maybe one part is malfunctioning so the sensors will pick this up and re-route it or alert you that a line is in need of repair. Finally, is automated inventory management, this could be used in the shopping market where it monitors how much of each item is sold and alerts you to replenish the stock and in turn you will never have an angry customer moaning about something not being available.

All of this is going to change the way we interact with technology in the future and research has shown that by 2020 between 20 and 26 billion items will be connected to the internet.