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Bitcoin Across African Borders

The world is changing and I need to share a success story that came out of something bad.

I know people that occasionally travel back to their homelands. It is very disheartening to hear stories about border bribery and robbery while travelling. I've seen it firsthand where people are in tears because they have no money to send back to their families.

So, I ask myself how could I help?

I decided to describe this Bitcoin virtual currency thing. I had to prove that is was similar to putting money under your mattress, and given enough time the money will grow on its own. This is easier said than done, because how can you trust something you cannot see.

Then it took some time to get an understanding of what a QRCode was and the address represented within, but it went something along the lines of, this is your post box in your phone and you can SMS to another person's post box the money you want to send. A couple of trys and then the penny dropped so to say.

Next came how to find a merchant or exchange and get your money and this turned out so easy on the other end. Yes sure there are institutions like MoneyGram, but what was the point of the fees and the chance of not being able to get your funds on the other side due to cash shortages as explained to me.

In the weeks that followed I haven't heard much of how it is going, but that is ok because nothing has been lost.

In summary

Working in today's world with crypto currencies, blockchain, cloud really can leave a person with so many choices and directions. Being able to do trivial things with software that has a meaningful impact to everyday life is really rewarding.

I need to thank companies like Luno and Local Bitcoins that made something like this possible.

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