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The internet of things pt 1 of 3

What is the internet of things (IoT)? Well when the internet started it was mainly used and populated by people and for people right. We would post ads, pictures and information for other people to see and use. This technology revolutionised our lives and now we have created a way for objects we use everyday to communicate with each other and the internet.

If you think of your phone for instance, it knows where you are, if you're moving, how you are actually holding it and even the amount of light around you. This is a simple example however we will delve deeper in the next article. If we take your car now, you are driving along and see the check engine light come on. Back in the day that would mean that there is a problem with your engine but you had no idea what the problem was but now there are cars that can actually send you a notification of exactly what the problem is so you know how serious it is and how quickly you need to respond.

Cars, phones and even house are now talking to us, they know what temperature we like and how bright we like it, it can even track your routines in order to prepare certain environments for you when you get home or wake up. Think about this for a while and realise how much we actually depend on all these devises. I know I feel lost when I forget my phone at home and i'm guessing almost all of you feel the same. It is time to learn about the IoT